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On the final Friday of the Autumn term, why not celebrate the coming of the festive period by sporting a fantastic Christmas knit? Year 3 took this one step further by performing a catwalk show.

Year 3 Christmas Jumper Catwalk from Holme Grange School on Vimeo.

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Living Nativity

Thank you to all of the actors and animals in the Living Nativity this afternoon. Year 3 have a fabulous time and were excited that the snow began to fall as we followed the star through the TLC Hub.

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A hair raising experiment

I’m sure we have all rubbed a balloon on a jumper and made hair stand on end or the balloon stick to a wall, but do you know why that happens? Its all do to with static electricity.

Year 3 recorded the time hair stands up for if you rub it across your head, once, 5 times and 10 times. Was there a difference?

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Christmas advert

The Holme Grange Year 3 & 4 take on the John Lewis ‘Moz the Monster’ advert is here. We hope it gets you in a Christmassy mood. Enjoy!

Holme Grange – John Lewis – Christmas Advert 2017 from Holme Grange School on Vimeo.

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Year 3 visit to the Ashmolean Museum

On Thursday the Year 3 children visited the Ashmolean Musuem in Oxford. The pupils were able to explore the museum and learn more about our history topic, Ancient Egypt. The Ashmolean’s collections from ancient Egypt and Sudan are among the most extensive in Britain, with approximately 50,000 objects representing every period of human occupation in the Nile Valley from prehistory to the 7th century AD.

The children enjoyed sharing facts about what they had already learnt about ancient Egypt, whilst also learning new pieces of information from the artefacts they held and studied.





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Yours oinkily, HGS

We loved writing letters to Tracey, from the British Pig Association, who helped us to obtain our new pigs: Hope and Glory.

We spent some time last week gathering ideas about what makes the school such a good place for the pigs to be, as well as discussing descriptive vocabulary to describe the pigs and their new surroundings.

The results were fantastic and our letters have been sent off to Tracey. Below are a few examples of the letters written:


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Science in Year 3

Scientific investigations in Year 3

Beech and Sycamore enjoyed finding out about changing states of matter in the Science Lab last week. Write your answers to the following questions:

What is the melting point of water?

What is the freezing point of water?

How can you turn a solid into a liquid?


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Year 3 Dining Hall Description

In English this week Year 3 have been describing the dining hall. We took our inspiration from J.K.Rowling’s description in the first Harry Potter book of ‘The Great Hall’.

We were looking at using adjectives, simile, alliteration and a range of sentence openers.

Below is a description that we worked on together.

The Holme Grange Dining Hall

When I walked into the gigantic Dining Hall, to my right were pictures of beautiful trees. It made me feel as if I was still in our enchanting Forest School. Immediately, the smell of delicious chocolate brownies slapped the inside of my nostrils, making my mouth begin to water. On the menu was the most irresistible food I had ever seen. It made my tummy start to rumble like an earthquake was about to occur. As I looked up, amazing Azdin suddenly appeared placing scrumptious fish and chips gently on the steaming hot plate. When I approached the front of the queue the lovely ladies plopped the oozing, cheesy pasta on my perfect plate. Staring to my left I saw my friends waving, giggling and calling my name. Meanwhile, two strict teachers were storming across the room telling children to be quiet. I sat down and had a mouthful of my fabulous food and it made me feel as if I was going to faint.

What are your favourite parts? Is there anything you would change to make these better?


Year 3 have been working on their co-operation and collaboration skills in the TLC Hub. 

All Aboard

The aim of the game is to get all members of your team to the opposite side using only a rope swing. Your feet are not allowed to touch the ground and all team members must stay on the mound whilst they wait for the rope to be passed back.

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking on the challenge and showed a good first attempt in learning, however neither of the teams succeeded in getting all members of the team across in the allocated time.

Think about what you need to change in order to improve for the next time we try this term.

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Prayer session with Father Richard

Year 3 had a prayer sessions with Father Richard this morning to discuss methods of prayer and why people pray.

There were two main methods that the children learnt. The first being the arrow method; a quick, direct message to God which can be done anywhere at any time or day. The second is TSP; Thanks, Sorry and Please.



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