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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the School Play at the end of last term returned to the form where all Prep School Year Groups were part of the cast, rather than just Years 5-8. Featuring a cast of over 160, Shakespeare’s story of love, complications, disappointment and confusion played to appreciative audiences over three nights. What were the impressions of Year 3 in being part of this musical production? How was the play within a play, with all its comic elements?

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Scottie hits the slopes!

We received a postcard from Scottie the Monkey today. He spent his Easter holiday skiing in the French Alps. This inspired Year 3, who have written postcards about their own adventures in the Easter holidays.

Here are two examples of our writing. Can you use our success criteria to comment on the things you like about their writing, or give a suggestion for how they could improve next time.

IMG_0914[1] IMG_0913[1]

Success criteria: Have they included…

adjectives, adverbs, simile, questions, feelings?

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Congratulations to all of the children for their Geography presentations on ‘Extreme Weather’ at the end of last term. They had worked extremely hard on the presentations and every child delivered their speech confidently.

The six winners were Louis, Reuben, Morgan, Thomas B, Aadi and Ava.

Can you make a comment on what impressed you about the presentations?

How would you improve your presentation next time?

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What should go on our blog?

What kind of things would you like to see on our blog and why?




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