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House Music 2014

House Music 2014 was a marvellous event and everyone in Year 3 made their houses proud. Each child was envolved in some wonderful ensemble performances. The teamwork, quality and effort on display was remarkable.

Trent house sang a wonderful Lion King medley (on their way to winning the house music cup), Kennet house sang a great summer medley (which won it’s category), Severn house sang an impressive African language medley and Thames sang a beautiful Abba medley.

A special congratulations should go Mia, Molly, Maddison, Luca, Ethan, Hector, Aadi, William and Andreas who were amonst the winning Trent house members.

What were your thoughts about house music? Did you enjoy it? What were your fondest memories? Did the right house win? Leave you comments below… (more…)

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Growing Plants

Year 3 have been learning all about plants this term. To see what the children have learnt over the past few weeks, Mr Cluett’s class were given a challenge. They were split into groups and each given a plant topic. Each group had to create an information poster on their topic and then present it to the class. The topics were leaves, roots, how to grow plants, photosynthesis and flowers.

Have a look at their wonderful posters…

Can you come up with anymore fascinating plant facts of your own?


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Bush Talk

Some of Year 3 were set a challenge today to write and perform a short speech in order to persuade their teacher what was the most fun part of Bushcraft.
To be successful, they were told to include in their writing; persuasive words, good descriptions, rhetorical questions and emotive language.
Furthermore, they were judged on their expression, pronunciation and eye contact.
Here are some good examples:

Have they been successful? Feel free to make a comment…

Amy - Mr Cluett, surely you must believe me when I assure you that being told the hilarious (possibly scary) story was the most fun part of Bushcraft. I mean, what could possibly be better than listening to something that makes you scream in terror and then the next second laugh so much you get past the point where your sides ache? If birds understood it, they’d fall out of the sky with laughter and fright! Everyone was at the end of it 50% laughter and 50% fright. That is why you must believe me.

TillyGood afternoon class and Mr Cluett. Listen to me, you must believe me. The best bit of Bushcraft was when we built a roaring fire and a strong shelter. You must have enjoyed it? I felt so happy I jumped up and down! Well, you must believe me, if you don’t you will be in trouble with me! Thank you for listening to me.


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Roar Talent!

After our successful trip to see ‘Lion King’ at Lyceum theatre in London, our follow-up work was bound to be a roaring success.

Below you can read our responses. We were encouraged to write using one of the genres that we’ve learned about in Year 3. We were really pleased with the imagination and creativity shown in the finished pieces.

See if you can name the genres used in the pieces below, and don’t forget to comment on what you liked and what you would recommend for improvement. 


Click to see more of our writing.  (more…)

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Bushcraft 2014 Slideshow

Year 3 & 4 have just come back from their incredible Bushcraft adventure. All the children were fantastic and they should be extremely proud of all their achievements! There were so many special highlights and lasting memories to be taken away, have a look at this slideshow to see what everyone got up to…

Look out for fire making, shelter building, kebab frying, animal tracking, lake swimming, game playing, camouflage disguising, first aiding, friend making and much more…

What was your favourite memory? What did you learn? What would you have liked to do?
Leave some comments below. Enjoy…

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The Lion King by Erin

The Year 3’s work has been heavily influenced by the Lion King musical we watched last week. Erin has written a superb story which she would love you all to read. Please make a comment after reading:

One sunny day all was quiet, then the queen gave birth to a little cub called Simba. He was brave and he always seemed to get into trouble. At first he followed his dad and slowly but surely he became more used to the wilderness. The birds tweeted cheerfully, all was good as the king ruled.

But on the other side of the hills was a horrid lion called Scar, who was Simba’s uncle. He loved the dark and he was very mean. Anyone that crossed his border was executed or forced to work. The hyenas were his servants although he treated them cruelly. Meanwhile, on the other side of the rocky mountain, Simba and his dad were practising chasing. Then his mother came and said, ‘‘It’s nearly dusk, come and sleep for the night.’’ But then Simba wanted to still play so he ran out of the cave and into the wilderness.


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Magic Number

In Mr Cluett’s maths group, we often play a game called ”Magic Number.” The aim of the game is to make the magic number in as many different, wonderful and complex ways as possible. You get points for every successful way of making the magic number and bonus points for interesting answers. This week the magic number was 51 and the children found many marvelous ways of reaching it. The class managed a score of 60, it’s highest to date!

Have a look at their solutions.


Which ones impress you the most?
Can you come up with your own way to make 51?





The Lion King Musical

A report by Amy and Morgan

On Wednesday 7th of May Year 3 and 4 visited London to watch the Lion King. Everybody agreed it was amazing because of the incredible acting and stunning costumes. If you could watch a video of it you’d desperately want see it live. Everywhere you look colour fills your view! I think we all gave it 100/100 since we enjoyed it so much and you’d think that too! The only down to it was the bus ride because it was scorching and deafening! But nobody cared because the play made up for it in a brilliant way. What did you like best about the play?

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Year 3 go Medieval!

As always, the Year 3 children have been hard at work. Today they have been writing wonderful descriptions of a medieval castle scene. They were asked to use a range of SIMPLE, COMPOUND and COMPLEX sentences. Here are a few examples of what they produced. Please have a read and make some comments.

large_3990610136 (1)

photo credit: neilalderney123 via photopin cc

The black, tiny birds flew over the large tower as the huge, rocky black mountains stayed still. As the gruesome, horrendous horses galloped forward, the confident, heroic knights were ready to win!

The dark, slimy dungeons were as disgusting as millions of ghosts and zombies. Meanwhile, the sleek, gorgeous princess was making a brave, courageous boy a knight.


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World Cup fever hits Year 3!

It’s not long until football’s biggest tournament begins, Year three have today peaked their interest by each choosing a team to support throughout the competition. We were each paired with another member of the Year 3 family and then chose the country that we wanted to support. The slideshow below shows how the pairings and teams worked out. Your first World Cup task is to find an interesting fact about your country’s footballing past. You may want to discuss your responses before you post.

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