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My word! Is that the time?

Mr Boynes’ Maths group have spent the last couple of lessons looking at the time with Mrs Beddington.

As part of their learning they created a ‘human clock’ out on the field and answered problems using it. The hope was that ‘being’ the clock would help them to understand the clock.

Check out our pictures of the experience and comment on what you learnt.

It’s time to learn with Mrs Beddington.


Anthony and Louis having the time of their lives!

Molly and Tilly with time on their hands.

Molly and Tilly have time on their hands.

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Big Hitters

The Under 8A boys had a fantastic afternoon of cricket today. They were up against the normally fearsome St Andrews team from Pangbourne. However, to Mr Cluett’s delight, our boys were on top form and recorded a convincing win.

With some great bowling and fielding from every single Holme Grange player, St Andrews we kept to a very low total of 25 runs. Then we came out to bat and played an array of devastating shots and big hits. Again, everyone contributed and we ended up winning with a whopping total of 99 runs. Well played boys!

U8As team - George M, Theo, Freddie, Monty, Hector, Aadi, Thomas H, George W, Morgan & William

U8As team – George M, Theo, Freddie, Monty, Hector, Aadi, Thomas H, George W, Morgan & William

There was also plenty of other sporting success this afternoon. The rest of the Year 3 boys went over to St Andrews and played some superb cricket and the Year 3 girls had a great win in their rounders matches against Bishop’s Gate School.

It is so good to see all the Year 3 children representing their school so happily and proudly on a sunny afternoon, congratulations!

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Another String to our Bow


Year 3 had the opportunity to perform some wonderful music with their string instruments to their delighted parents this morning. They have been learning the violin all year during their music lessons with Mrs Ellwood and today was their chance to show everyone the fruits of their labour. All the teachers and parents were blown away by the talented children and it goes to show what a little bit of risk taking and effort can produce. Well done to everyone involved.

Watch Chestnut’s performance:

Watch Sycamore’s performance:


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A report by Theo:

On Saturday I went to a swimming gala and 140 people competed in it.

In butterfly I came in 5th place. In backstroke I came in 2nd place.

In breastroke  I came in 6th place. In frontcrawl I came in 2nd place.

In the Individual Medley I came in 1st place.

When the results were announced I came 3rd overall in my age group and got a bronze medal.  I was very pleased with my swimming.


Well done Theo

Well done Theo

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The Island in the Mist

Ethan has been inspired by Year 3’s recent group of story writers on the blog and has created his own exciting adventure. Please have a read and enjoy…

Chapter One: Sea Holiday

One day in a town called Highland, lived a little boy called Ethan. He was an adventurous boy. He had a friend called Anthony and they went to school on a usual day because they wanted to tell everyone they were going on holiday next week.

Next week came quickly, they were ready to go. They had a ship, a suitcase and a life coat. ‘’There!’’ said Anthony, ‘’we’re ready to go, lift the anchor!’’

Ethan shouted, ‘’We’re off!’’

Chapter Two: The Plum Plum Tree


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Up-level your writing!

3 Sycamore have today been looking at how to use their skills with VCOP to improve sentences.

As a class we tried to improve the Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation in some pretty boring sentences.

We did this one as a class…

I played football at break time.


Disregarding the fact that I was humiliated and in bad pain from being hit by the round, stripy ball, I played football competitively at break time.


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A Personal Best!

Mr Cluett’s maths group achieved their personal best score in ‘Magic Number’ today, scoring a whopping 61 points!

They found many marvellous ways of reaching the ‘Magic Number’ of 63, have a look at their solutions… (You can click on an image to enlarge it)

If you can leave a comment with an interesting way of making 63 I will give you a house point.

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The Treasure of the Lost Tribe

Hector has been working hard in his spare time at home and produced an imaginative story that he would love to share with everyone.

Please have a read and leave some comments for him…

One summery day, three boys called Pie Face, Curly and Dennis went on a school trip. They went to an ancient place known as the Pits of England where people discover interesting things.

When Mrs Creacher arrived, the boys got out of the bus and looked around. Gnasher (Dennis’ dog) and Walter were already there.

On the floor Dennis found some lemon drops which he ate. However, the lemon drops were quite fierce because they made him do massive burps!

All of a sudden, Dennis and Gnasher spotted some workmen. One of them found a silver buckle. He said, ‘’it’s from the treasure of the lost tribe!’’

Dennis replied, ‘‘that’s rubbish! Let’s find some real treasure.’’


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Local Area Presentation Winners


Year 3 have spent homework time during the first part of the Summer term producing some fabulous presentations about their local area.

The whole year group have enjoyed watching them over the last few days and the standard of presentation was exceptional. It was really pleasing to see that children had considered the comments from their previous presentation task and taken steps to work on their targets this time round.

Due to the brilliant standard of work, Mr Cluett and Mr Boynes found it very difficult to pick winners. There had been so much effort put into the displays, and each and every child should feel very proud to have produced such splendid work. For this reason, each child has been awarded 5 house points.

Pictured are Logan, William, George, Mia, Amy and Medhi, whose presentations showed all of the success criteria and had some extra sparkle.

Whose presentation did you like and why?

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Wokingham History Tour

Yesterday all the children in Year 3 went on a History tour of Wokingham as part of their local History topic. We followed the blue plaque trail and stopped off at many interesting and historical buildings to find out facts, investigate clues and answer questions. 

I will give anyone a house point who can leave a comment which gives a fact you learnt during the tour!

Wokingham History Tour 2014 from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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