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Write just right!

In preparation for their writing assessments this week, we did some work on writing a really good sentence. As part of the sessions, children were given the task of writing sentences including a verb, adverb, adjective and connective about some pictures.


Mr Boynes and Mr Cluett on their visit to see the Lion King in London

Have a look at what some of us wrote for this particular picture…

Ruby- Joyfully they stride on to the big bus. They were very excited because they were going to the Lion King.

Charlie- Mr Boynes and Mr Cluett are standing happily outside the gigantic theatre while laughing loudly.

Jonas- Mr Boynes and Mr Cluett are excitedly going to watch the fabulous Lion King because they are interested in theatre.

Now you can write your own sentence or comment if you see something impressive or something you could improve on.

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Magic Number

In Mr Cluett’s maths group, we often play a game called ”Magic Number.” The aim of the game is to make the magic number in as many different, wonderful and complex ways as possible. You get points for every successful way of making the magic number and bonus points for interesting answers. This week the magic number was 54 and the children found many marvelous ways of reaching it. The class managed a score of 48, their best score to date!

Have a look at their solutions… What is your favourite one? Can you come up with your own? It might be worth a house point!


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The Big Debate- Fantastic Mr Fox

On Tuesday of this week, the children in Year 3 took part in a debate. They were arguing for and against the right for Fantastic Mr Fox to live near the Farm and to feed his family. Have a look at the highlights of the debate below.

Fantastic Mr Fox Debate from Mr Boynes on Vimeo.

Following on from the debate, the children wrote persuasive speeches to engage the judge directly. Read Charlie’s speech below and comment on the features that you can see and the parts that you like.

My right honourable judge,

I hope you know that Mr. Fox is not guilty of stealing from those mean, horrible and nasty farmers. I strongly believe that Mr. Fox is right to steal from the farmers!

Firstly, you must understand that the fox should be spared. The farmers have caused all this trouble by having too much food.

Furthermore do you really think a hungry family dying of starvation wouldn’t steal a bit of food? Anyway, it’s not like the farmers are going to die…

Moreover the farmers have got their favourite food and they have the biggest farms in the world.

Surely you must agree the fox should live!

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Mr Fox on Trial

Year 3 were stunned to hear this week that the Fantastic Mr Fox had been arrested for stealing chickens and it was up to the children to decide his fate. A court session was held in school, with half the children trying to persuade the judge to find him guilty and the other half trying to prove his innocence. Every child wrote excellent persuasive speeches and delivered them with great confidence and expression. Here is an example of one of their speeches…

 Arguing for innocence, Phoebe:

My right honourable judge, 

As you are aware Mr fox has been arrested for stealing chickens. I strongly believe that Mr Fox was right to steal them and besides where else would he get food from? I will now tell you all my reasons why he is innocent.

Firstly, foxes do not follow human laws so it is not fair. His defenseless family just took a chicken that was going to die anyway. 

Also, those mean, horrible farmer are so dirty they deserved it! Any way, is it not obvious they should steal some food from the farmers to eat? They are so nasty.

I have clearly shown that Mr Fox was right to steal the chickens so you MUST find him innocent.

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Willie’s Wart and Precocious Piggy

Today was the hotly competitive and highly anticipated annual whole school performance poetry competition and Year 3 were on top form. Chestnut class performed “Willie’s wart” and their effort was phenomenal. Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly and Chestnut was awarded 1st place in their category (year 3, 4 & 5)! Sycamore class sensationally performed “Precocious Piggy” with great energy and quality acting throughout, it was a real crowd favourite.

Have watch of Chestnut’s winning performance and leave a comment to say what you think…

Willie’s Wart – Chestnut’s Winning Poetry Performance 2014 from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

…and view the Sycamore entry here.

Sycamore Performance Poetry- Precocious Piggy from Mr Boynes on Vimeo.

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TLC Teamwork Challenge

In a recent LS lesson, the boys and girls from Chestnut class went to the outdoor TLC area for a team buildings exercise. Their challenge was ‘to cross the lava maze!’ Using a range of memory skills, trial and error, co-operation and risk taking, the children had to cross the maze and get to safety. After several attempts, the Chestnut children showed they had the necessary teamwork skills to find the correct route across and they successfully completed their task.

TLC Teamwork from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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The New Girl By Edie

Here is a story I have created:

Once there was a new girl at Leighton High and she was  quite nervous because she had loved her old school. Her name was Elisa. When Elisa  got there, she was AMASED. She was speechless. After her mum had said goodbye she went in and found another new girl called Molly. Elisa said, `Hello there are you new?`

Molly said ‘Yes I am.’ Then they found out that they were going to be room mates. When they found out they were over the moon, they became best friends too. Elisa and Molly went to their room one eight three . They unpacked their things, chose their beds and chose their wardrobe. Next they went to eat their dinner next to each others of coure. After dinner they went back up stairs to watch TV for a bit then after they had watched TV for a bit they went to sleep. In the Morning when they woke up they got dressed and went down stairs for breakfast. Elisa said to Molly, ‘Where is everyone?’  Suddenly, they could see lots of mums, dads and cars. A girl called Tilly came up to them and exclaimed it was half tem and that Elisa’s mum had sent her to tell Elisa and Molly they were going to spend half term together at Elisa’s house. So they went up stairs to pack  then they left for Elisa’s house and that half term was the best half term ever!


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