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Daisy’s Christmas Hymn

Sycamore were left in awe today as Daisy presented a hymn that she had written herself. The lyrics she has chosen are completely seasonally appropriate and the class could imagine singing them at the carol concert.

The only thing Daisy didn’t have was a tune to sing it to. Perhaps you can think of one when you have finished reading it?

Light the glory again

Dear Lord and Holy Spirit
It’s that time of year,
When the Christ was born,
the shepherds came
and the angels sang
for the glory was there.

So light the glory again
Light the glory again
Light the glory again
On Christmas night.

So we celebrate King Jesus
King of the Jews
Jesus our saviour
was here to save us all
To be born and live a nice life
For all of us.


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Deck the halls with your times tables!

On Friday, the challenge was set for the children in Mr Boynes’s maths group to label the links of a paper chain with their times tables. They had to carefully measure the strips of paper using a ruler before cutting them out, then write their times tables onto the links and see how high they could get!

They obviously couldn’t help but have some fun along the way…

Maths Group make Paper Chains from Mr Boynes on Vimeo.

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Jack in Concert

Jack has kindly decided to share with everyone on the blog a piano concert he recently performed in his house. Let him know what you think about it…


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HG Science Show Episode 2: Electricity

To end their topic on electricity and display their new-found knowledge, Chestnut class have produced the second episode in the highly acclaimed, award-winning series, the Holme Grange Science Show. Watch, learn and enjoy…

Chestnut Holme Grange science show: Electricity from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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Real Love at Christmas

To celebrate a marvellous term the Year 3 teachers have prepared a festive film for everyone to enjoy. 

The Alternative John Lewis Add from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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