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Achillies and the Great War

Jack has written a wonderful story over the holidays that he would like to share with everyone. Please read it and leave a comment for him…

In the glorious mega city of Salena was a brave Hero called Achillies, who had a gigantic palace of diamond! The palace was in the middle of the city.  Achillies was a brave, strong young man. He was called: the leader of the navy.

But in the sweltering hot rainforest, the monster took its place…

Achillies was in his office studying his documents one by one.  But he suddenly had a pop-up message on his page and it said : a monster called Tigfight has swam across the sea and is destroying all beautiful sights. You must stop him, we are printing a map for you . Follow the pink line on the map .NOW!  So he got out the door and followed the long pink never ending line.  One hour later, Achillies was in the calm town of Cane.  Amazingly it was as quiet as a mouse there and anyway he had a break until a kind lady asked him a favour.  “Oh, could you kindly take my children to their granny’s house because I have to go to a meeting with my doctor about my cold?  Please?” Achillies said “yes I’d love to my fair lady.”  So Achillies took the two children, Barry and Gary, to their granny’s house in person.

When he got there he heard a call straight away from Delia (that’s the granny), “like some hot crossed bun dearies?” Achillies said “no thanks, bye” and again he got back to the pink line having got his weaponry bag first.  He jogged to a lake, clambered into a boat and sailed to Topata. Achillies saw a sign and it said “Maze of Tig.F.” Achillies thought that must be Tigfight’s maze of TERROR!  So he went to Tigfight’s maze of TERROR, went round twenty topsy turns and saw Tigfight.  “So, you have come to face me!” he growled. “Now, let the fight begin!”

Achillies drew his blazing sword, bronze shield and mace from his weaponry bag. Achillies bravely fought Tigfight. Tigfight swung his tail with spikes on and Achillies dodged and shielded himself with his bronze shield. Achillies threw his sword at Tigfight aiming at his weak spot. Tigfight fell back and landed in a secret hole filled with snakes! Tigfight finally met the leader. It was a deadly, enormous, greeny blue Cobra!  It bit him in his neck and he fell to death as it was a poisonous bite!  Achillies cheered for his victory!  He followed the pink line back home and everybody loved him for killing Tigfight as he planned to destroy the glorious mega city of Salena. Achillies had saved Salena!

The End

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  • Amanda MacAuley · April 26, 2015 at 11:18 pm

    An incredibly exciting story!


    • Jack Wooster · May 2, 2015 at 3:19 pm

      Thank you for your message. It made me really happy inside!

      Jack xxx


  • Rachel Owen · April 27, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    Wow – go Jack. Some very impressive words in there too!


    • Jack Wooster · May 2, 2015 at 3:18 pm

      Thank you for your message. It made me really happy inside!

      Jack xxx


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