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Kindness Advent Calendar

Some of Year 3 have been busy preparing for advent by creating advent calendars. They are in the shape of Christmas trees and feature 24 kind things to do on each day of the advent period.

Good luck as you tick them off!

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The Winter Rain

In Geography this week children had the option of writing a poem to show their knowledge of the water cycle.

Below is Jessica’s poem. Please comment after reading.

The Winter Rain

Rain rain,
Tipping down,
No no,
Let’s go!

Oh no,
The world is tipping,
Upside down,
Here we go.

Rain Rain,
I don’t know,
It is going,
To flow.

Down the stream,
Very slow,
Beautiful view,
A way to go.

Snow and rain,
Falling above,
On the way back,
To the ocean my love.

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Medal success for the A team!


Congratulations to the A team for earning runners-up medals at a football tournament at Daneshill on Friday.

The B team also battled hard on a cold and blustery afternoon, but didn’t manage to get beyond the group stages of the competition.

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World Water Quiz

In Geography you are continuing to learn about water. Research the answers to these questions and complete the polls below.

Find out if you have got the answers right in your next Geography lesson.

What is the deepest lake in the world?


Poll Maker

Which of the following countries have a coastline? (there is more than one correct answer)

South Africa

Poll Maker

Which is the longest river from this list?


Quiz Maker

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Performance Poetry Competition

All the forms in Year 3 took part in the whole school poetry performance competition this week. Each class performed their poem with great effort and energy; all the children should be very proud! Have a look at their performances below and perhaps leave a comment…

3C The biggest burp ever! from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

3B The Day I Fell Down the Toilet from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

3S Big John from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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Sprouting Success!

The Year 3 children have been learning how to bed, grow and look after plants. Everyone had the opportunity to plant some daffodil bulbs and now they will have the responsibility to look after them, water them and help them grow.

After planting the daffodils, the children used their gardening experience in English to write a set of instructions about how to plant bulbs. The aim was to make short, clear instructions with clear commands and time words. Have a look at Chloe’s example, has she used the correct features? Please comment.

Chloe's set of instructions

Chloe’s set of instructions

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Magic Number

In Mr Cluett’s maths group, we often play a game called ”Magic Number.” The aim of the game is to make the magic number in as many different, wonderful and complex ways as possible. You get points for every successful way of making the magic number and bonus points for interesting answers. This week the magic number was 54 and the children found many marvelous ways of reaching it. The class managed a score of 61, it’s highest to date!

Have a look at their solutions. Can you come up with a way to make 54? You will earns house points!!!

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