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Complex Sentences

Year 3 have been creating complex sentences in English. (A sentence starting with a connective and using a comma). Have a look at what they came up with. We used this beach scene for inspiration.


Since they liked water, the girls went swimming.  – Danny M

Before the boy and girl played catch, they had a drink. – George H

While the mother’s back was turned, they ate an ice cream. – Oliver G

When he wasn’t looking, Henry splashed furiously at Peter. – Thomas H

Even though the waves came, lots of people played in the water. – Aaryan A

Because it was so sunny, the boys went swimming. – AJ

Whenever I got a fish, I threw it in the sea. – Qasim

Even though the boy was tired, he stood on the rock. – Amabel

Whilst the courageous boy was swimming, the girl ate a hot dog. – Daniel N

Can you comment below and create your own sentence?

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Weird and Wonderful Plants

3B have enjoyed being Scientists using tweezers, hand lenses and mirrors to examine their weird and wonderful plants.

Y3BScience 500 Y3BScience 523 Y3BScience 522 Y3BScience 521 (more…)

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Photography masters!

In ICT this afternoon we used the iPads to go on a photography journey around the school.

Armed with a camera, editing skills and a theme each, here is what some pairs produced…

Will and Scarlett – Yellow

Seth and Rupert – Numbers

Chloe and Jack – Texture

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