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Year Three by Amabel

Y- year three is super fun.

E- every day we learn something new.

A-amazing teachers help people every day.

R-really fun school trips.


T-the teachers are very funny and kind.

H-helpful teachers and friends.

R-RS is one of the best lessons.

E-excellent friends always friendly.

E-ever so fun.


Amabel Hills


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Can’t Stop The Feeling

To celebrate their wonderful time in Year 3, the children have made this music video. We hope you enjoy it!!

Let us know what you think of it in the comments below…

Can’t Stop The Feeling from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.



Benbo the Great

He is a story written together by the whole of Chestnut class. Please read it, enjoy it and leave us a comment…

In the depths of the ancient forest of Tankoon, lived the legendary tribe of people known as the Uugs. The Uugs skilfully built their cottages high up into the trees. It was a wonderful village in the sky called Highgrove. Amongst the tangling branches and colourful leaves, stood impressive huts and cottages built from old oak wood.

One of the villagers who lived in Highgrove was a tall and hansom man called Benbo. He was a brave and courageous person moreover he was agile, skilful and clever. Benbo had no fears and he never backed down from a challenge. Because he was so talented, he was the leader of the tribe and the architect of the whole village. Everyone loved Benbo!

However, there was trouble lurking around the corner! Word had spread that an evil monster called Vocra was destroying all the precious forests in the world. Vocra was an evil vine monster with limbs like vicious snakes and a poisonous bite that could kill! On top of that, he was a shape shifter and very strong.

Vocra was destroying all of the forests because every time he devoured a tree he grew larger and more powerful. Nobody dared to stop him and if they did they would most likely die! Although, when Benbo heard of what mighty Vocra was doing he triumphantly exclaimed, ‘’I will destroy him, I’m afraid of nothing!’’

So Benbo proudly set off from Tankoon on an exciting quest to defeat the menacing beast… (more…)

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