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Exciting Experiments

This week the Year 3 children went to the science laboratory to find out how materials can change their state of matter. We evaporated water, melted chocolate, set fire to iron wool and copper. We even set light to magnesium! All the children thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and learned a lot of new things. 



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Changing States experiment.

This week in Science, we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases changing states. We have been using the vocabulary evaporate, condensation, freezing, melting, solidification, vapour.

Do you own scientific experiments at home using this game:

Which solid had the lowest melting point?

  1. What happens when you heat chocolate?
  2. What happens when you cool the liquid chocolate?
  3. What is the melting point of aluminium?
  4. What is the melting point of butter?

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Forest School in Year 3

Year 3 and 4 are transforming a new Forest School Site into an exciting learning environment this year!

Year 3 have begun by wading and taking risks in the stream, working as a team to remove the larger, unwanted items. We have used natural materials to tie back branches that are blocking our pathways whilst some children have shown collaborative skills to collect small and large sticks and logs.

We are reusing the broken sticks to decorate the edges of our pathways by wrapping them in bright coloured wool. This is with the aim to clearly mark out the paths to make moving around the Forest School safe.

What other suggestions can you think of for us to make our Forest School site an excellent and fun place to learn?

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Roman Workshop

Year 3 have started the year with all of the excitement of a Roman visitor in school. The children explored Roman life whilst being able to interact with the many artefacts that were part of the experience. Children tried writing with a quill and wax tablet, spinning wool and creating a pattern rubbing. They also acted out a battle in costume and visited a mint to create their own souvenir Roman coin.

What did you enjoy about the Roman workshop? Comment below…


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Touch Typing

To begin the year in ICT, Year 3 have been increasing their typing speed by using all of their fingers to type letters on the keyboard.

Keep practising at home by using the BBC link below:

If you have any useful tips for your friends, reply to this post! 🙂

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