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Terracotta Army Trip

The Year 3 children enjoyed an impromptu trip to visit the late John Nike’s collection of Terracotta Warriors which have rarely been seen by anyone outside the family.

The children were excited to see the statues which they have been learning about in Geography.

A huge thank you to Mrs Nike for invited us and sharing her experiences with us all.


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Simon Murray visit

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We are currently learning about Myths and Legends in English and the children have been planning their own story. Firstly, they created their own monster and hero, then they drew their story onto to a story board and today they became storytellers by telling their Myth to the class. The children are now ready and very excited to write their Myths later in the week. 

Have a watch of Leila and Beau using their story boards to tell their story to the rest of the class…


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Outdoor Maths Lesson!

On Tuesday, we took our Maths lesson to our new Forest School site in search of natural and man-made objects with one or more lines of symmetry. On our way we found the perfect example of a natural symmetrical pattern – a lovely ladybird!

We then took some of our objects back to the classroom to draw their shape and label how many lines of symmetry they had.

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Photography masters!

In ICT this afternoon we used the iPads to go on a photography journey around the school.

Armed with a camera, editing skills and a theme each, here is what some pairs produced…

Will and Scarlett – Yellow

Seth and Rupert – Numbers

Chloe and Jack – Texture

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Stixx Workshop

The Year 3 children spent this afternoon taking part in a workshop which involved using rolls of newspaper, tightly wound, to create some fantastic sculptures.

As part of the project, some chairs, a table and a huge elephant have been created.

Thank you to all parents who donated their newspapers this week.

Year 3, did you enjoy taking part in the workshop?

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Upon returning from our history trip last Thursday, we took some time to reflect on our learning. We chose our own ways to respond to the trip. Some people made posters, some made booklets, others word searches. Below are some examples of our creations.

“amazing and full of history” Seth

“very interesting, it feels like you’ve gone back in time” Jack

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Kindness Advent Calendar

Some of Year 3 have been busy preparing for advent by creating advent calendars. They are in the shape of Christmas trees and feature 24 kind things to do on each day of the advent period.

Good luck as you tick them off!

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You’ve got a friend in me!

Sycamore have created some dazzling friendship collages in their ICT lessons recently and wanted to share them with you.

Click to see them larger and get a good look.

Remember to comment with your thoughts…

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