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Magic Number

In Mr Cluett’s Maths group the children like to play a game called Magic Number. The aim of the game is to find a way to make the Magic Number in as many different and interesting ways as possible. This week the class were aiming to make the number 56 they achieved a record score of 82 points!

Look below at some of the amazing ways the children made 56. Can you make 56 in an interesting way? Leave your answer in a comment and earn a house point…

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Outdoor Maths Lesson!

On Tuesday, we took our Maths lesson to our new Forest School site in search of natural and man-made objects with one or more lines of symmetry. On our way we found the perfect example of a natural symmetrical pattern – a lovely ladybird!

We then took some of our objects back to the classroom to draw their shape and label how many lines of symmetry they had.

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Mini Teachers

Mr Cluett’s maths group has once again been taken over by some very talented mini teachers. Mr MaCauley and Miss Northend both gave excellent lessons on multiplying using the Grid Method. They showed a great understanding of the topic and helped everyone learn the method successfully.

What at do you think of their teaching? Leave your comment below…

A Lesson by Miss Northend from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

A Lesson by Mr MaCauley from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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Deck the halls with your times tables!

On Friday, the challenge was set for the children in Mr Boynes’s maths group to label the links of a paper chain with their times tables. They had to carefully measure the strips of paper using a ruler before cutting them out, then write their times tables onto the links and see how high they could get!

They obviously couldn’t help but have some fun along the way…

Maths Group make Paper Chains from Mr Boynes on Vimeo.

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Magic Number

In Mr Cluett’s maths group, we often play a game called ”Magic Number.” The aim of the game is to make the magic number in as many different, wonderful and complex ways as possible. You get points for every successful way of making the magic number and bonus points for interesting answers. This week the magic number was 54 and the children found many marvelous ways of reaching it. The class managed a score of 48, their best score to date!

Have a look at their solutions… What is your favourite one? Can you come up with your own? It might be worth a house point!


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