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Chinese Schools

In Geography this term we have been learning about China and this week comparing our school to a Chinese equivalent. Click the picture below to take a look at a video which shows the differences between the two.

What did you find interesting? Would you prefer to go to school in China or in England? Tell us what you think.


The spider whistled “Woof woof!”

The octopus screamed “Hee haw!”

The poison dart frog screeched loudly.

The pig roared.

The tiger bellowed “Quack, quack.”

The dog mooed.

The crab whispered, “Hisssssssss.”

The gorilla shouted, “Oink, oink!”

The great white shark meowed.

The python said “Cock a doodle doo!”

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New Science Topic: Habitats

This week we have began to identify the features of different habitats and the species that live in each habitat. If you want to investigate more, place the game below:

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Bushcraft 2017

All the children had a fantastic time at Bushcraft this year. Take a look at the video to see all the wonderful things the children got up to…

Please leave a comment below.

Bushcraft 2017 from Holme Grange School on Vimeo.

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Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Trip

Years 3 and 4 had a fantastic trip to London to see a concert put on by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. After enjoying a picnic lunch in Jubilee Park overlooking the Thames we headed in to Festival Hall for the eagerly anticipated musical feast. The concert was based on the music of the many varied countries visited by the world-famous orchestra. As well as hearing some well-known classical pieces being expertly played, we joined in with the concert by singing along to one song about being lost on the Paris Metro.


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Melman’s Holiday

Melman the Giraffe and Rebecca had a wonderful holiday to Dubai over the Easter break. Rebbeca made this video for everyone to see what they got up to…

Melman Dubai 2017 from Holme Grange School on Vimeo.

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Outdoor Learning

Can you spot the ways in which our Outdoor Learning area has changed over the Easter break?

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Extreme Snow Ava from Holme Grange School on Vimeo.

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Outdoor Learning update

Over the past few weeks, Year 3 have become a tremendous gardening work force. 

Firstly, we have begun to landscape our Outdoor Learning Site using bark to create pathways that will absorb the rain. We have also been focusing re-planting 100 baby trees that we won from the Woodland Trust around Holme Grange School. Finally, we took a well-deserved break to observe thousands of tadpoles hatching from their frog spawn protective coating in our school pond.


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Rabbi Zvi and Passover

Today Year 3 were visited by Rabbi Zvi to teach us about Passover. He told us a wonderful story and talked about the Jewish celebrations during this important time of year to the Jewish community.

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