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Bushcraft 2017

All the children had a fantastic time at Bushcraft this year. Take a look at the video to see all the wonderful things the children got up to…

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Bushcraft 2017 from Holme Grange School on Vimeo.

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Bushcraft 2016

The Year 3 and 4 children had a lovely time at Bushcraft recently. This video shows you all the wonderful things the children experienced. Please take a look and leave your comments below…

Bushcraft 2016 from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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Let’s talk about Bushcraft!

Year 4 children have been invited to talk to their Year 3 travel buddies about their experiences, in preparation for the trip next week. Questions about the activities, camping, food and games were all answered expertly by the Year 4 team today.


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Bushcraft Memories

This post can be used to share your memories and thoughts about Bushcraft.

What were your highlights?  What did you learn? What would you do next time?

Leave you thoughts in a comment below…

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Bushcraft 2015

The Year 3 and 4s had a wonderful time at Bushcraft. Have a look at this photo slideshow to see what they got up to…

Bushcraft 2015 Photos from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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Bushcraft Memories

Here’s a chance to watch the video from our Bushcraft assembly and re-live those special and most fond memories…

What was you favourite memory? Comment below…

Bushcraft Memories from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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Bush Talk

Some of Year 3 were set a challenge today to write and perform a short speech in order to persuade their teacher what was the most fun part of Bushcraft.
To be successful, they were told to include in their writing; persuasive words, good descriptions, rhetorical questions and emotive language.
Furthermore, they were judged on their expression, pronunciation and eye contact.
Here are some good examples:

Have they been successful? Feel free to make a comment…

Amy - Mr Cluett, surely you must believe me when I assure you that being told the hilarious (possibly scary) story was the most fun part of Bushcraft. I mean, what could possibly be better than listening to something that makes you scream in terror and then the next second laugh so much you get past the point where your sides ache? If birds understood it, they’d fall out of the sky with laughter and fright! Everyone was at the end of it 50% laughter and 50% fright. That is why you must believe me.

TillyGood afternoon class and Mr Cluett. Listen to me, you must believe me. The best bit of Bushcraft was when we built a roaring fire and a strong shelter. You must have enjoyed it? I felt so happy I jumped up and down! Well, you must believe me, if you don’t you will be in trouble with me! Thank you for listening to me.


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Bushcraft 2014 Slideshow

Year 3 & 4 have just come back from their incredible Bushcraft adventure. All the children were fantastic and they should be extremely proud of all their achievements! There were so many special highlights and lasting memories to be taken away, have a look at this slideshow to see what everyone got up to…

Look out for fire making, shelter building, kebab frying, animal tracking, lake swimming, game playing, camouflage disguising, first aiding, friend making and much more…

What was your favourite memory? What did you learn? What would you have liked to do?
Leave some comments below. Enjoy…

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