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This week in ICT, we have been using our creativity and imagination in storytelling to make our own animations. Have a look at a few examples that we made and please leave a comment.

Emma, Holly and Georgia from Holme Grange School on Vimeo.

Leila and Chloe from Holme Grange School on Vimeo.

Olivia, Esha and Bella from Holme Grange School on Vimeo.

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Herbert’s Great Escape!


Well done to Joshua for using a combination of imagination and creativity and superb ICT skills to create this wonderful story about when Herbert came to stay.

Than goodness he survived! I wonder what adventures he will go on next weekend…


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‘Happiness’ by Amber

This poem brought a tear to the eye in English last week. All of Year 3 wrote stories about what makes them happy. Feel free to comment on Amber’s poem after you’ve read it.


Happiness is when my cat Lola gives birth to squealing kittens which jump on my lap,
Happiness is creating an imaginative picture,
Happiness is eating soft cheesy macaroni cheese for dinner,
Happiness is playing bulldog in the sun with my friends,
Happiness is being with my lovely,forgiving family,
Happiness is seeing Liverpool beat Chelsea in football,
Happiness is winning a great race and getting a gold medal,
Happiness is writing a creative long story,
Happiness is being at this happy, friendly school every day.

By Amber

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Write just right!

In preparation for their writing assessments this week, we did some work on writing a really good sentence. As part of the sessions, children were given the task of writing sentences including a verb, adverb, adjective and connective about some pictures.


Mr Boynes and Mr Cluett on their visit to see the Lion King in London

Have a look at what some of us wrote for this particular picture…

Ruby- Joyfully they stride on to the big bus. They were very excited because they were going to the Lion King.

Charlie- Mr Boynes and Mr Cluett are standing happily outside the gigantic theatre while laughing loudly.

Jonas- Mr Boynes and Mr Cluett are excitedly going to watch the fabulous Lion King because they are interested in theatre.

Now you can write your own sentence or comment if you see something impressive or something you could improve on.

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Scottie hits the slopes!

We received a postcard from Scottie the Monkey today. He spent his Easter holiday skiing in the French Alps. This inspired Year 3, who have written postcards about their own adventures in the Easter holidays.

Here are two examples of our writing. Can you use our success criteria to comment on the things you like about their writing, or give a suggestion for how they could improve next time.

IMG_0914[1] IMG_0913[1]

Success criteria: Have they included…

adjectives, adverbs, simile, questions, feelings?

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