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Year 3 Dining Hall Description

In English this week Year 3 have been describing the dining hall. We took our inspiration from J.K.Rowling’s description in the first Harry Potter book of ‘The Great Hall’.

We were looking at using adjectives, simile, alliteration and a range of sentence openers.

Below is a description that we worked on together.

The Holme Grange Dining Hall

When I walked into the gigantic Dining Hall, to my right were pictures of beautiful trees. It made me feel as if I was still in our enchanting Forest School. Immediately, the smell of delicious chocolate brownies slapped the inside of my nostrils, making my mouth begin to water. On the menu was the most irresistible food I had ever seen. It made my tummy start to rumble like an earthquake was about to occur. As I looked up, amazing Azdin suddenly appeared placing scrumptious fish and chips gently on the steaming hot plate. When I approached the front of the queue the lovely ladies plopped the oozing, cheesy pasta on my perfect plate. Staring to my left I saw my friends waving, giggling and calling my name. Meanwhile, two strict teachers were storming across the room telling children to be quiet. I sat down and had a mouthful of my fabulous food and it made me feel as if I was going to faint.

What are your favourite parts? Is there anything you would change to make these better?




Write just right!

In preparation for their writing assessments this week, we did some work on writing a really good sentence. As part of the sessions, children were given the task of writing sentences including a verb, adverb, adjective and connective about some pictures.


Mr Boynes and Mr Cluett on their visit to see the Lion King in London

Have a look at what some of us wrote for this particular picture…

Ruby- Joyfully they stride on to the big bus. They were very excited because they were going to the Lion King.

Charlie- Mr Boynes and Mr Cluett are standing happily outside the gigantic theatre while laughing loudly.

Jonas- Mr Boynes and Mr Cluett are excitedly going to watch the fabulous Lion King because they are interested in theatre.

Now you can write your own sentence or comment if you see something impressive or something you could improve on.

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Setting the Scene

Year 3 have been reading the book ‘I’ll take you to Mrs Cole.’ They have worked together to create a collaborative description of the hectic scene from Mrs Cole’s kitchen. They tried to use a variety of adjectives, WOW-words, and similes.

Take a look at Chestnut’s and Sycamore’s efforts. Please leave a comment…
What did you like? can you think of ways to make improvements?


CHESTNUT’s description:

When I stood outside Mrs Cole’s grimy, slimy, battered house, all I could see was clawed off paint and a mess like an enormous rubbish dump. The inside of the hideous house was like a scary, dark, creepy jungle.

In the horrendously damp kitchen, Mrs Cole was tap dancing like an old, brainless, crazy donkey! Also, a dazzlingly cute cat crawled slowly up the table leg as quietly as a mouse but hardly did any damage. As well, the magically colourful budgies gave me a huge headache from their endless screeching chirps.

SYCAMORE’s description: (more…)

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