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The year group were split into 12 parties and undertook tasks including creating their own logo and slogan, putting together a five point manifesto and presenting their views to the voting masses (the year 3 electorate).

The week ended in a democratic ballot which saw the F.U.N (Fun Ultra Nationalists) and The Relax Party achieve a coalition.

You can see what priorities were paramount in this election below.  (more…)


After a well fought campaign from all the parties, the votes were eagerly cast to see who would run the school. In a very close finish, the Active Democrats won by just one vote! Congratulations to the winning party and all those who took part. We look forward to seeing what the Active Democracts will do with their power and whether they will deliver on their promises.



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For the third part of the Year 3 General Election campaign, the children had to design and film a party political broadcast to gain extra votes. Have a look at their adverts, who would you vote for???

The Risk Takers from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.


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For the second part of the Year 3 Election campaign, the children had to come up with their manifesto. Each party specifically designed their Manifesto in accordance to their party’s founding beliefs and came up with 5 pledges to gain votes.

Have a look at these examples…

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The Year 3 are holding a General Election to decide who will run the school. The children have been put into groups and have begun their election campaign.

The first task was to decide which party they were standing for and design a logo and slogan.

Have a look at the different parties below…

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