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We are currently learning about Myths and Legends in English and the children have been planning their own story. Firstly, they created their own monster and hero, then they drew their story onto to a story board and today they became storytellers by telling their Myth to the class. The children are now ready and very excited to write their Myths later in the week. 

Have a watch of Leila and Beau using their story boards to tell their story to the rest of the class…


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Benbo the Great

He is a story written together by the whole of Chestnut class. Please read it, enjoy it and leave us a comment…

In the depths of the ancient forest of Tankoon, lived the legendary tribe of people known as the Uugs. The Uugs skilfully built their cottages high up into the trees. It was a wonderful village in the sky called Highgrove. Amongst the tangling branches and colourful leaves, stood impressive huts and cottages built from old oak wood.

One of the villagers who lived in Highgrove was a tall and hansom man called Benbo. He was a brave and courageous person moreover he was agile, skilful and clever. Benbo had no fears and he never backed down from a challenge. Because he was so talented, he was the leader of the tribe and the architect of the whole village. Everyone loved Benbo!

However, there was trouble lurking around the corner! Word had spread that an evil monster called Vocra was destroying all the precious forests in the world. Vocra was an evil vine monster with limbs like vicious snakes and a poisonous bite that could kill! On top of that, he was a shape shifter and very strong.

Vocra was destroying all of the forests because every time he devoured a tree he grew larger and more powerful. Nobody dared to stop him and if they did they would most likely die! Although, when Benbo heard of what mighty Vocra was doing he triumphantly exclaimed, ‘’I will destroy him, I’m afraid of nothing!’’

So Benbo proudly set off from Tankoon on an exciting quest to defeat the menacing beast… (more…)

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Complex Sentences

Year 3 have been creating complex sentences in English. (A sentence starting with a connective and using a comma). Have a look at what they came up with. We used this beach scene for inspiration.


Since they liked water, the girls went swimming.  – Danny M

Before the boy and girl played catch, they had a drink. – George H

While the mother’s back was turned, they ate an ice cream. – Oliver G

When he wasn’t looking, Henry splashed furiously at Peter. – Thomas H

Even though the waves came, lots of people played in the water. – Aaryan A

Because it was so sunny, the boys went swimming. – AJ

Whenever I got a fish, I threw it in the sea. – Qasim

Even though the boy was tired, he stood on the rock. – Amabel

Whilst the courageous boy was swimming, the girl ate a hot dog. – Daniel N

Can you comment below and create your own sentence?

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Sprouting Success!

The Year 3 children have been learning how to bed, grow and look after plants. Everyone had the opportunity to plant some daffodil bulbs and now they will have the responsibility to look after them, water them and help them grow.

After planting the daffodils, the children used their gardening experience in English to write a set of instructions about how to plant bulbs. The aim was to make short, clear instructions with clear commands and time words. Have a look at Chloe’s example, has she used the correct features? Please comment.

Chloe's set of instructions

Chloe’s set of instructions

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Adjective hunters!

The pupils of Year 3 have been hunting for adjectives and what better place than in the school grounds. We visited the animals and the pond and talked about adjectives that are appropriate.

Have a look at our list and see if you can work out what the adjectives were describing…

Floppy Peaceful Playful Squidgy Lively Slimy Cheeky Wise
Cute Fluffy Colourful Muddy Grassy Green Noisy Cute Quiet Big
Proud Wet Squelching Soft Cosy White Serious Thirsty Chubby
Cuddly Smart Thin Mischievous Overgrown Leafy Smelly Resting

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Max’s Journey


This week in English the Year 3 children have been improving their descriptive writing by using adjectives. The children collaborated to produce a short paragraph full of description about Max the Hedgehog’s journey down the street. (We have been reading the Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith).

What is good about this piece? What could be improved? Which adjectives impress you the most? Have a read and comment below…

The brave hedgehog took his first step on the grim and terrifying pavement. The cold battered streets were damp and dirty which made the poor, defenceless hedgehog shiver. Nervously, the worried hedgehog strolled tensely along the dark, gloomy street.

Max smelt a sweet smell from the warm bakery across the road suddenly a horrid, dangerous car with dazzling lights mysteriously appeared out of the darkness. The unfortunate, spikey hedgehog scurried away from the thunderous car to the safety of the pavement behind a green bin.

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Achillies and the Great War

Jack has written a wonderful story over the holidays that he would like to share with everyone. Please read it and leave a comment for him…

In the glorious mega city of Salena was a brave Hero called Achillies, who had a gigantic palace of diamond! The palace was in the middle of the city.  Achillies was a brave, strong young man. He was called: the leader of the navy.

But in the sweltering hot rainforest, the monster took its place…

Achillies was in his office studying his documents one by one.  But he suddenly had a pop-up message on his page and it said : a monster called Tigfight has swam across the sea and is destroying all beautiful sights. You must stop him, we are printing a map for you . Follow the pink line on the map .NOW!  So he got out the door and followed the long pink never ending line.  One hour later, Achillies was in the calm town of Cane.  Amazingly it was as quiet as a mouse there and anyway he had a break until a kind lady asked him a favour.  “Oh, could you kindly take my children to their granny’s house because I have to go to a meeting with my doctor about my cold?  Please?” Achillies said “yes I’d love to my fair lady.”  So Achillies took the two children, Barry and Gary, to their granny’s house in person. (more…)

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‘Happiness’ by Amber

This poem brought a tear to the eye in English last week. All of Year 3 wrote stories about what makes them happy. Feel free to comment on Amber’s poem after you’ve read it.


Happiness is when my cat Lola gives birth to squealing kittens which jump on my lap,
Happiness is creating an imaginative picture,
Happiness is eating soft cheesy macaroni cheese for dinner,
Happiness is playing bulldog in the sun with my friends,
Happiness is being with my lovely,forgiving family,
Happiness is seeing Liverpool beat Chelsea in football,
Happiness is winning a great race and getting a gold medal,
Happiness is writing a creative long story,
Happiness is being at this happy, friendly school every day.

By Amber

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The Comedy of Errors

By Edwin, Grayson, Jake, Luke and William

(Mr Rex’s English Group)

Once upon a time Aegon has twin sons [Antipholus] who are noblemen. He rescues another pair of twins, [Dromio] who become the boys’ servants.

They go on a boat and a big storm rages. Lightning strikes the mast, waves crash onto wooden planks of the deck and thunder roars loudly. Aegon tries to save the children but his one son and servant get swept overboard. Do they drown?

Aegon takes his son Antipholus and his servant Dromio back to Syracuse. Meanwhile, the other Antipholus and Dromio get washed up in Ephesus. Antipholus of Ephesus marries a mad woman called Adriana.

Aegon takes Antipholus of Syracuse and Dromio of Syracuse to Epehesus to look for the missing twins. So the comedy of errors begin!


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Matt’s New Story

We’ve been reading Bill’s New Frock in English recently. It’s a story in which Bill wakes up with a shock when something very strange has happened.

We were all inspired to write a story about the time something strange happened, with the emphasis on creative writing. Below is Matthew’s story.

As you read, see if you can identify the writing techniques that he’s used and be sure to comment on them at the bottom of the screen.

Also, Matthew chose not to give the story a title, can you suggest one?

Once there was a boy called Matthew. He was a normal boy. He had blue eyes and brown hair. But one day something bad happened.

He woke up and got dressed into his Barcelona away football top and some white tracksuit bottoms. He looked in the mirror and realised that he had a mohican! He was shocked. He walked quickly out of the door and Matthew’s mohican got stuck in a cobweb.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no,” Matthew said “This is not good”


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