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Herbert’s Great Escape!


Well done to Joshua for using a combination of imagination and creativity and superb ICT skills to create this wonderful story about when Herbert came to stay.

Than goodness he survived! I wonder what adventures he will go on next weekend…


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Photography masters!

In ICT this afternoon we used the iPads to go on a photography journey around the school.

Armed with a camera, editing skills and a theme each, here is what some pairs produced…

Will and Scarlett – Yellow

Seth and Rupert – Numbers

Chloe and Jack – Texture

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You’ve got a friend in me!

Sycamore have created some dazzling friendship collages in their ICT lessons recently and wanted to share them with you.

Click to see them larger and get a good look.

Remember to comment with your thoughts…

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Friendship Collages

This week in ICT, Year 3 have built on the photography skills they learnt previously and produced some wonderful collages of friendship photos. Take a look at their work below…

Do their editing skills impress you?    Do they capture the essence of friendship?   Which photos do you like the most?

Nick and Grayson

Nick and Grayson

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Photography Class

This week in ICT year 3 have been taking photographs. They were put in pairs, sent around the school and given a specific theme to photograph. The themes included certain shapes, materials and numbers. The children were shown how to take imaginative shots and taught how to edit. Have a look at some of their galleries…

Metal – by Thomas and Jack


Red – by Pippa and Harry

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Puppet Pals

This week in ICT the children have been using the Puppet Pals app to create a visual story. This app is great fun and allows the children to show off their creative side whilst developing their story telling skills.

Have a look at this story example from Millie and Pippa…

The Prince & Princess by Millie & Pippa from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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Egyptian Gamis

In their recent ICT lesson, Chestnut class have been having some fun learning about a new ipad app called Telligami,

After researching an Egyptian topic and each writing their own speech, the children used the app to make an information report – also known as a GAMI.  Have a look at a selection of their creations in the video below. Each Gami has been researched, written and produced completely by the children.

Leave some comments please… Do you like the app? Have they done a good job? Did you learn anything new?

Egyptian Gamis from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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