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Kindness Advent Calendar

Some of Year 3 have been busy preparing for advent by creating advent calendars. They are in the shape of Christmas trees and feature 24 kind things to do on each day of the advent period.

Good luck as you tick them off!

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Achillies and the Great War

Jack has written a wonderful story over the holidays that he would like to share with everyone. Please read it and leave a comment for him…

In the glorious mega city of Salena was a brave Hero called Achillies, who had a gigantic palace of diamond! The palace was in the middle of the city.  Achillies was a brave, strong young man. He was called: the leader of the navy.

But in the sweltering hot rainforest, the monster took its place…

Achillies was in his office studying his documents one by one.  But he suddenly had a pop-up message on his page and it said : a monster called Tigfight has swam across the sea and is destroying all beautiful sights. You must stop him, we are printing a map for you . Follow the pink line on the map .NOW!  So he got out the door and followed the long pink never ending line.  One hour later, Achillies was in the calm town of Cane.  Amazingly it was as quiet as a mouse there and anyway he had a break until a kind lady asked him a favour.  “Oh, could you kindly take my children to their granny’s house because I have to go to a meeting with my doctor about my cold?  Please?” Achillies said “yes I’d love to my fair lady.”  So Achillies took the two children, Barry and Gary, to their granny’s house in person. (more…)

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Photography Class

This week in ICT year 3 have been taking photographs. They were put in pairs, sent around the school and given a specific theme to photograph. The themes included certain shapes, materials and numbers. The children were shown how to take imaginative shots and taught how to edit. Have a look at some of their galleries…

Metal – by Thomas and Jack


Red – by Pippa and Harry

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Jack in Concert

Jack has kindly decided to share with everyone on the blog a piano concert he recently performed in his house. Let him know what you think about it…


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La bonne vie!

Year 3 have been doing some work on introducing themselves and simple conversation in French with Mrs Beddington.

Below is one example of the conversations they had today, with some excellent pronunciation and confident speaking coupled with a good knowledge of the language needed.

If you’re a pupil, make sure you know what they’re saying. Then use it to practice the phrases along with Jack and Aurelia. If you’re an adult, this is a good chance to brush up on your key phrases.


French conversation film from Mr Boynes on Vimeo.

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