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Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Trip

Years 3 and 4 had a fantastic trip to London to see a concert put on by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. After enjoying a picnic lunch in Jubilee Park overlooking the Thames we headed in to Festival Hall for the eagerly anticipated musical feast. The concert was based on the music of the many varied countries visited by the world-famous orchestra. As well as hearing some well-known classical pieces being expertly played, we joined in with the concert by singing along to one song about being lost on the Paris Metro.


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Brass in class!

The Year 3 children received a visit from Mr Ransom. As our Brass instrument teacher, he visited to tell them about the instruments that they have the opportunity to learn at the school.

The children had lots of questions which Mr Ransom gladly answered and then he played a few tunes including the James Bond and Star Wars themes.





Jack in Concert

Jack has kindly decided to share with everyone on the blog a piano concert he recently performed in his house. Let him know what you think about it…


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Do Your Thing!

Since the end of the year is quickly approaching, the children of Chestnut and Sycamore have decided to make a fun music video to celebrate such an enjoyable and wonderful year.

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Another String to our Bow


Year 3 had the opportunity to perform some wonderful music with their string instruments to their delighted parents this morning. They have been learning the violin all year during their music lessons with Mrs Ellwood and today was their chance to show everyone the fruits of their labour. All the teachers and parents were blown away by the talented children and it goes to show what a little bit of risk taking and effort can produce. Well done to everyone involved.

Watch Chestnut’s performance:

Watch Sycamore’s performance:


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The Lion King Musical

A report by Amy and Morgan

On Wednesday 7th of May Year 3 and 4 visited London to watch the Lion King. Everybody agreed it was amazing because of the incredible acting and stunning costumes. If you could watch a video of it you’d desperately want see it live. Everywhere you look colour fills your view! I think we all gave it 100/100 since we enjoyed it so much and you’d think that too! The only down to it was the bus ride because it was scorching and deafening! But nobody cared because the play made up for it in a brilliant way. What did you like best about the play?

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