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Poetry success!

The prep school competed in the annual poetry competition this year and all three Year 3 classes performed their poems beautifully, with Chestnut class winning the whole competition with their very funny performance of ‘There’s something in my welly.’ The other two classes were also great, with Beech performing ‘No word of a lie’ with great expression and Sycamore performing ‘I can’t’ with a lot of creativity. Have a look at all the poems below and perhaps leave a comment. 

Chestnut – There’s something in my welly from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

Sycamore – I can't from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

Beech – No word of a lie from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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Weather Report

In Geography we are learning about weather.

As part of our learning this week we researched local weather and created a weather report.

Here are the highlights of Sycamore’s reports, which were performed to the class.

Sycamore Weather Report from Mr Boynes on Vimeo.

How did we do? Could any of us be weather presenters in the future?

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