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Roman Workshop

Year 3 have started the year with all of the excitement of a Roman visitor in school. The children explored Roman life whilst being able to interact with the many artefacts that were part of the experience. Children tried writing with a quill and wax tablet, spinning wool and creating a pattern rubbing. They also acted out a battle in costume and visited a mint to create their own souvenir Roman coin.

What did you enjoy about the Roman workshop? Comment below…


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Our trip to watch ‘Incredible Invadors’ at the Hexagon theatre was truly memorable. Here are some of our best bits…

Jack- When the woman got her tongue cut off and went mmm mmm mmm.

Emily- When the tongue was wiggling in the Saxon man’s hand.

Will- When the Saxons got panicked because the Vikings were coming.

Chloe and Scarlett – Mavis kept saying the names of places in England ending in ‘by’ like Derby and Mavis kept saying Slough.

Max- When the Saxon’s head fell off.

Jo Jo- When the Celts tried to sacrifice Mavis in the wicker man.

Seth- The 3D animations in the background.

Freya and Keira- When Boudicca came on and danced and was crazy.

James- When the Roman General kept attacking different villagers with his hammer.

Olivia- When Mavis kept running from country to country to see where she could be safe.

Phoenix- When the terrifying dog kept scaring the audience.

Annabel- When King Arthur (pretend) came on and explained that he wasn’t real.

Can you add to the list of best bits from the show?

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Living History

This week the new Year 3 classes had a special visit from the Living History Workshop. The children got to experience what it was like to be a Roman, examine artifacts, play games, make things and learn lots about the Romans. They all had a wonderful time.

Have a look at the video to see what they got up to. Please leave a comment below.

What did you learn? What was the best part?

Living History Workshop 2015 from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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Roman History Workshop

Today the children in Year 3 were excited to find out they were having a visit from the ‘Living History Workshop.’

With talks, demonstrations, practical activities and hands on fun, the children learnt all about the Romans. There were swords, musical instruments, games, clothes, artifacts and ornaments all to be explored.

Everyone is now eager to begin our history topic and continue to find out many new things!


Roman History Workshop 2014 from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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