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A hair raising experiment

I’m sure we have all rubbed a balloon on a jumper and made hair stand on end or the balloon stick to a wall, but do you know why that happens? Its all do to with static electricity.

Year 3 recorded the time hair stands up for if you rub it across your head, once, 5 times and 10 times. Was there a difference?

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Outdoor Learning

Welcome to the Year 3 and 4 Outdoor Learning site.



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New Science Topic: Habitats

This week we have began to identify the features of different habitats and the species that live in each habitat. If you want to investigate more, place the game below:

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Outdoor Learning update

Over the past few weeks, Year 3 have become a tremendous gardening work force. 

Firstly, we have begun to landscape our Outdoor Learning Site using bark to create pathways that will absorb the rain. We have also been focusing re-planting 100 baby trees that we won from the Woodland Trust around Holme Grange School. Finally, we took a well-deserved break to observe thousands of tadpoles hatching from their frog spawn protective coating in our school pond.


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Holme Grange Science Show

Welcome to this year’s first episode of the Holme Grange Science Show. The year 3 children have been learning all about hot and cold. To showcase what they have learnt they created this video. Please comment if you like it…

Holme Grange Science Show: Hot and Cold from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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Electric Enthusiasts!

Can you help Deadly 60’s Steve to chose an insulated material to protect him from the shock of an electric eel?

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Exciting Experiments

This week the Year 3 children went to the science laboratory to find out how materials can change their state of matter. We evaporated water, melted chocolate, set fire to iron wool and copper. We even set light to magnesium! All the children thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and learned a lot of new things. 



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Changing States experiment.

This week in Science, we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases changing states. We have been using the vocabulary evaporate, condensation, freezing, melting, solidification, vapour.

Do you own scientific experiments at home using this game:

Which solid had the lowest melting point?

  1. What happens when you heat chocolate?
  2. What happens when you cool the liquid chocolate?
  3. What is the melting point of aluminium?
  4. What is the melting point of butter?

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Fabulous Flowers

In science this week Year 3 have been learning about the important role of flowers. We went on a learning walk around the school to search for the many different flowers we have in our grounds. As we discovered each flower, we learnt more and more about their importance in the life cycle of plants. Do you know the role of flowers? Comment below…

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