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Matt’s New Story

We’ve been reading Bill’s New Frock in English recently. It’s a story in which Bill wakes up with a shock when something very strange has happened.

We were all inspired to write a story about the time something strange happened, with the emphasis on creative writing. Below is Matthew’s story.

As you read, see if you can identify the writing techniques that he’s used and be sure to comment on them at the bottom of the screen.

Also, Matthew chose not to give the story a title, can you suggest one?

Once there was a boy called Matthew. He was a normal boy. He had blue eyes and brown hair. But one day something bad happened.

He woke up and got dressed into his Barcelona away football top and some white tracksuit bottoms. He looked in the mirror and realised that he had a mohican! He was shocked. He walked quickly out of the door and Matthew’s mohican got stuck in a cobweb.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no,” Matthew said “This is not good”


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The New Girl By Edie

Here is a story I have created:

Once there was a new girl at Leighton High and she was  quite nervous because she had loved her old school. Her name was Elisa. When Elisa  got there, she was AMASED. She was speechless. After her mum had said goodbye she went in and found another new girl called Molly. Elisa said, `Hello there are you new?`

Molly said ‘Yes I am.’ Then they found out that they were going to be room mates. When they found out they were over the moon, they became best friends too. Elisa and Molly went to their room one eight three . They unpacked their things, chose their beds and chose their wardrobe. Next they went to eat their dinner next to each others of coure. After dinner they went back up stairs to watch TV for a bit then after they had watched TV for a bit they went to sleep. In the Morning when they woke up they got dressed and went down stairs for breakfast. Elisa said to Molly, ‘Where is everyone?’  Suddenly, they could see lots of mums, dads and cars. A girl called Tilly came up to them and exclaimed it was half tem and that Elisa’s mum had sent her to tell Elisa and Molly they were going to spend half term together at Elisa’s house. So they went up stairs to pack  then they left for Elisa’s house and that half term was the best half term ever!


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The Treasure of the Lost Tribe

Hector has been working hard in his spare time at home and produced an imaginative story that he would love to share with everyone.

Please have a read and leave some comments for him…

One summery day, three boys called Pie Face, Curly and Dennis went on a school trip. They went to an ancient place known as the Pits of England where people discover interesting things.

When Mrs Creacher arrived, the boys got out of the bus and looked around. Gnasher (Dennis’ dog) and Walter were already there.

On the floor Dennis found some lemon drops which he ate. However, the lemon drops were quite fierce because they made him do massive burps!

All of a sudden, Dennis and Gnasher spotted some workmen. One of them found a silver buckle. He said, ‘’it’s from the treasure of the lost tribe!’’

Dennis replied, ‘‘that’s rubbish! Let’s find some real treasure.’’


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The Haunted House

Shruti has written a wonderful story over half term and she would love to share it with everyone. Please leave some comments for her and ENJOY…

Lilly and Josh were brother and sister but they acted like two friends because they were always fighting.Today they were not fighting because they were going on a school trip to a massive art gallery. They were really excited because it was their first time going to a gallery! They were imagining how the enchanting gallery would be like. It would be red from outside and yellow from inside and it would have a beautiful chandelier at the top of the building. It would just be perfect, they thought.

“Ok then children, we are getting on the bus in any minute now so please stand in a silent queue.” said Miss Bat their teacher. They sat on the bus and started to go. Everyone was really excited but Lilly and Josh were the most excited. They eventually got to the gallery but when they got there it wasn’t like they imagined. It wasn’t red from outside, it wasn’t yellow from inside, it didn’t have a big chandelier at the top. Instead it was black from outside and black from inside. It had cobwebs at the top of the building, it wasn’t perfect. It was horrible. Once they got in they saw loads of things but no art work. Lilly and Josh were shocked, Miss Bat was shocked and the children were all shocked. Everyone thought that it looked more like a haunted house. “Come on then children, we have a lot see.” said their tour guide.


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