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Year 3 have been working on their co-operation and collaboration skills in the TLC Hub. 

All Aboard

The aim of the game is to get all members of your team to the opposite side using only a rope swing. Your feet are not allowed to touch the ground and all team members must stay on the mound whilst they wait for the rope to be passed back.

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking on the challenge and showed a good first attempt in learning, however neither of the teams succeeded in getting all members of the team across in the allocated time.

Think about what you need to change in order to improve for the next time we try this term.

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TLC Teamwork Challenge

In a recent LS lesson, the boys and girls from Chestnut class went to the outdoor TLC area for a team buildings exercise. Their challenge was ‘to cross the lava maze!’ Using a range of memory skills, trial and error, co-operation and risk taking, the children had to cross the maze and get to safety. After several attempts, the Chestnut children showed they had the necessary teamwork skills to find the correct route across and they successfully completed their task.

TLC Teamwork from Mr Cluett on Vimeo.

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