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The Water Cycle Explained

Year 3 have been learning about the water cycle. In their lesson today they have created some excellent explanations of the cycle. Have a look at the examples below and see if you think there is anything they could have added or explained more clearly.

Please comment below…

Esha wrote:

First the water droplet swishes in the sea. Then it evaporates to water vapour. The water vapour goes up and turns into clouds. That is called condensation. After that, the water comes out of the cloud. We call the water droplet rain. When the rain comes out of the cloud it is called precipitation. Finally the rain falls on a hill or a tree. At the end the water goes back to the sea and that’s called run-off.

Finn wrote:

First it starts with the sea. Then the sun dries it up into the air. That is called evaporation. Next the water vapour turns into a cloud which is called condensation. After that the cloud gets so big and heavy. The rain falls down, which is called precipitation. Finally the rain runs down the hill or tree which is called run-off. Now the cycle can start all over again. In fact, it’s happening right now!

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The Winter Rain

In Geography this week children had the option of writing a poem to show their knowledge of the water cycle.

Below is Jessica’s poem. Please comment after reading.

The Winter Rain

Rain rain,
Tipping down,
No no,
Let’s go!

Oh no,
The world is tipping,
Upside down,
Here we go.

Rain Rain,
I don’t know,
It is going,
To flow.

Down the stream,
Very slow,
Beautiful view,
A way to go.

Snow and rain,
Falling above,
On the way back,
To the ocean my love.

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The Water Cycle Video

3 Sycamore used their knowledge of the Water Cycle to create a documentary style film today. Their aim was to present their understanding in an engaging and memorable way.

The class would love to know what you think. Take a look and please comment on the film, as well as telling us what you know about the subject of water.

The Water Cycle with 3 Sycamore from Mr Boynes on Vimeo.


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